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Quartz Offers A Major Advantage Over Granite

If you're remodeling your kitchen than I bet your going to take convenience into consideration. You probably want your kitchen to flow and work as easily as possible.

Quartz countertops can play a big part in that by offering you a major convenience benefit over their biggest competitor, the granite countertop.

Are quartz countertops better than granite?
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The Secret Is In The Maintanence.

You never have to maintain a quartz countertop. As a matter of fact all that you have to do to keep it looking new is to keep it clean.

With granite counterops you have to apply a sealer every six to eighteen months.

Sounds easy enough but...

What Happens If You Don't Seal Your Granite?

Lot's of people never seal their granite and have no problems. Since it's a natural stone and there are variations between stones this can happen but you'll have to get lucky.

When you seal a granite countertop you are filling up the tiny naturally occuring pores and imperfections in the stone. These pores and imperfections can trap bacteria and stains.

If you don't seal the surface you can open yourself up to allowing stains and bacteria to get into the surface.

Quartz Never Has To Be Sealed

Because of the way that quartz counters are made I believe that quartz countertops are better than granite. Quartz is a mixture of resin and natural stone and when the resin cures it fills up the pores and imperfections of the natural quartz stone.

Quartz countertops are a truly maintenance free surface for your remodel.

Other than the sealing granite and quartz both offer the exact the same benefits. Here's a little more information comparing many countertop options.

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