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Are Quartz Countertops Cheaper Than Granite?

When you're comparing quartz and granite countertops you'll find many different manufacturers of both quartz and granite. You'll find that quartz countertops prices will vary greatly from one manufacturer to the next. More so with granite than with quartz.

Are quartz countertops cheaper than granite?
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Granite Can Be More Expensive Than Quartz But It Doesn't Have To Be

If you visit the stone yard, which I do recommend that you do, you'll find that granite is very much like antiques. The more rare and desirable a particlular stone is the more expensive it is.

For standard granite countertops the price is similar to quartz countertops.

There is no need to go out and buy a designer granite countertop. The standard granite that you'll find in the stone yard is extrememly beautiful and durable.

So as long as you are not looking to buy a designer slab of granite you can compare quartz vs granite based upon which you enjoy more and not on how much they will cost.

Both quartz and granite will look beautiful in your home and will be extremely functional. You can't go wrong choosing either countertop.

Silestone countertops are one of the most popular brands of quartz and Silestone prices are not lower than granite. You can choose your new countertop on personal preference instead of on price.

And isn't that how we all want to be able to buy things anyway? By how much we enjoy them instead of if we can afford them.

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