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Are Quartz Countertops Eco Friendly

There are two ways that quartz countertops are manufactured. One is much more eco friendly than the other. Let me explain how most companies make quartz countertops, and then I'll show you the more natural way to make quartz counters and who makes them.

Are quartz countertops eco friendly?
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The Common Way To Make Quartz Countertops

Most countertops are made by grinding up quartz and combining the ground up stone with resins.

The resins bond the ground stone into an extremely hard surface that is suitable for a countertop. The different colors of stone, the size of the ground pieces of rock, and the tint of the resin give those quartz countertops their color and pattern variations.

Most people consider this form of quartz countertops to be eco friendly but let me show you another way to manufacture these countertops that is even more environmentally friendly.

An Even More Eco Friendly Approach

You don't have to grind up the stone and combine it with resin. You can harvest it directly from the earth and cut it into slabs.

One company that does this very well and focuses on an eco friendly manufacturing process is Cambria.

They consider everything from the recycling of the water used to cut the countertops, onto their fleet of hybrid vehicles, all the way to using only recycled materials for their shipping containers.

Some of the most interesting colors and patterns are available from Cambria. Since the stone is not ground up into small to medium sized stones you can get rather large stone in your patterns. It's one of the rather pleasing quartz countertop benefits from Cambria.

It's also nice to know that your countertop is one of a kind. No two completely natural countertops will ever be exactly the same. Natures perfectly natural variations, just like snow flakes.

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