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Quartz Countertops Are Not Expensive

What is your definition of an expensive countertop? Are quartz countertops expensive compared to plastic laminate? Well, yeah. They cost much more than cheap countertops.

At about $65 a square foot you have to consider quartz countertops an investment in a lifetime of beautiful countertops that will be well worth the upgrade over inferior surfaces. Silestone prices, a brand of quartz counters, ranges from $35-$75 a square foot.

Are quartz countertops expensive?
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At $65 A Square Foot Quartz Is Actually Cheaper Than Most Countertops

You have to consider the value of anything before you buy it. Quartz countertops are no exception. You get an excellent product for your money that will be the star of your kitchen both aesthetically and functionally.

Aesthetically you're getting a beautiful countertop that will shine and have a beautiful luster. Your friends won't be the only ones impressed. You'll walk into your kitchen every day and be able to appreciate the beauty of your countertops.

The functionality the surface offers will also help answer the question: Are quartz countertops expensive?

Cambria countertops will perform so well that it will surely make them worth the expense. They are nearly impossible to damage and their heat resistance will make it easier for you to cook and bake in your kitchen.

Quartz countertops prices might seem high at first glance but when you consider everything that they have to offer they really are a great deal and a fantastic investment for your home.

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