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Quartz Countertops By Avanza

The best features of Avanza quartz countertops are just how easy they are to maintain and that quartz is a green building material. If you purchase an Avanza countertop you can be sure that you are getting all of the benefits of quartz countertop. All available from you local home improvement store.

Avanza Countertops
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Who makes quartz countertops?

Benefits Of Avanza Counters

You are already familiar with the brand Avanza. Great! Let's see some of the benefits.

Avanza is a natural (i.e. "green") quartz countertop that is mixed with impact resistant material and heated under extreme pressure to improve upon the natural beauty of the quartz. Avanza's process makes it more durable than any other solid surface countertop.

Avanza countertops never need to be sealed or polished. They are just as heat resistant as their cousin the granite countertop.

Avanza's natural natural countertop options are available in twenty different colors with fancy Italian names. Argenterio and Ranzano Nuovo are two of my personal favorites. These two colors are very natural looking and have a brilliant luster.

The are eighteen available edge profiles with Avanza countertops. The ogee is the traditional upgraded profile but the waterfall is probably the most practical. All quartz countertops are at risk of chipping and the waterfall edge will likely minimize that risk.

Avanza countertops are quartz counters that are made in America. You are buying American made countertops that are made on equipment imported from Italy when you purchase Avanza.

Silestone countertops are also a great quartz counter option that you may want to consider.

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