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The key to getting budget kitchen countertops is saving on the installation. A large portion of your countertop budget will be eaten up by labor charges.

Let's take a look at 2 countertop options that are cheap to install and 1 more than is just cheap all around.

budget kitchen countertops
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Plastic Laminate

For functionality and price you just can't beat plastic laminate countertops. Check them out first before you look at any other budget countertop options.

You'll find that laminate countertops are not the unsightly counters that you remember from your childhood.

They've come a long way and look remarkable when you consider the price and the beating that they can stand up to in the busiest of kitchens.

Granite Tile

Granite tile countertops are a good buget alternative. You can set the tile close enough so that you don't even need to use grout creating a nearly seamless design must like granite or other options.

You can pick the tiles up at just about any home improvement store and you can install them yourself rather easily. Saving boat loads of cash on the biggest part of your countertop budget. The labor.

Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tile is your 3rd option for budget kitchen countertops. And they're a rather good option too.

You'll need to have grout lines so be sure to take extra care to keep clean. If you choose ceramic tile countertops than go with a darker grout and don't forget to seal it.

Cermic tile countertops will usually be your cheapest option. Not only are the materials inexpensive but since they are easily installed by most homeowners you'll save on installation as well.

While these 3 countertops are all great in their own right it might be worth it to save for a little longer so that your budget can include some of these other countertop options. Odds are it'll be worth the extra investment.

Quartz Countertops Prices

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