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Caesarstone Countertops

Caesarstone countertops are a great brand of quartz. You'll love all of the benefits that come with these countertops and the color patterns that are available.

Caesarstone Countertops
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Caesarstone Benefits

The first thing that I think you'll find interesting about Caesarstone countertops is how stain resistant they are. It's nearly impossible to permanently stain them.

The secret to quartz's stain resistant properties is the way they're made.

They are cured like concrete with a resin that hardeners into a nearly impenetrable surface.

Caesarstone Keeps You From Getting Sick

Not only will the surface keep stains from settling in but it also keep bacteria from growing. Think of a scratched cutting board and all of the places for food particles to hide out, leaving bacteria to flourish.

You won't have the same types of problem with Caesarstone. You can even cut and chop food right on the countertop without risking damage to them or getting unwanted bacteria into your food.

You'll Have More Room In Your Cabinets

And don't forget about the hot pots and pans. You don't have to use trivets with Caesarstone countertops. Just place them right on the counter and give your trivets to your neighbor with Corian countertops and make some room in your cabinets.

There's also color options galore! You won't have any trouble finding a pattern and a color to match your kitchen. If anything it's almost daunting at times picking the perfect color from all those options.

You've probably heard of Cambria and Silestone countertops, but discover who else makes quartz countertops.

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