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Caesarstone vs Granite

You should not have to compromise when it comes to your kitchen countertops. You should get the best material, that will allow you to work as efficiently as humanly possible, around the kitchen.

caesarstone vs granite
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The Comparison

The first major difference between the countertops is the maintenance that is involved. With quartz countertops, there is zero maintenance. Just keep them clean and you're all set.

There is yearly maintenance that must be done with granite countertops. Every 6-18 months, depending on how porous the stone is, you have to apply a sealer to the surface of the countertops.

Why You Must Not Forget To Maintain Granite

Forget this maintenance and your odds increase that stains or bacteria will settle into your countertop.

Because of the way that they are made are made, by combining crushed quartz with resin, quartz is virtually stain proof without any sealers. <---This is one of the highlights in the Caesarstone vs granite debate.

Another thing that can get into those pores is bacteria. If your granite countertops are not properly cared for than you can end up with bacteria hiding out on the surface. The same surface that you use to chop vegetables and knead dough.

Both countertops are equally heat resistant. You can pull cookie sheets or casserole dishes right out of a hot oven and place them on either countertop without damaging the surface.

Color and Pattern Choices

Since quartz countertops are made from crushed stone you won't get the "marbling" and the "veining" that you get with granite. You will get some beautiful patterns and color with quartz however. It's a matter of personal taste, as I think you'll find patterns and colors in both types of countertops that you'll enjoy.

Are you sold on stone countertops or are you still comparing other countertop options? If you are than you'll be interested in comparing quartz vs corian. The differences are striking.

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