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Cambria Countertops

If Cambria doesn't have the best quartz products they do have the most elegant marketing. I think they may be targeting the high end residential housing market.

Cambria countertops claim to be twice as strong as granite. That's pretty strong and a big claim. If it's true than that is outstanding durability for a natural stone.

contemporary quartz countertop
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Cambria countertops have 35 color choices. I feel like I am missing some though. I bet there are more or will be more colors very soon. Cambria countertops are a family owned company, like Avanza countertops, and are not part of a huge conglomerate like Silestone or Zodiac. Limited color choices are probably a byproduct of being a smaller company. The choices they do have are much more beautiful and natural looking than the competitions quartz.

Learn more about who makes quartz countertops.

Being smaller and family owned has benefits. I would be willing to bet their customer service is much better. Their warranty is the standard ten years but they warranty their products much better than Silestone or Zodiac. I couldn't find any language about them not warrantying chipped, stained or user damaged quartz countertops. Quartz installed outside or on floors was excluded from the warranty.

Cambria Countertops Qualities

I like the way their list of benefits reads. It's similar to the others but is more direct and makes more sense to simple minds like my own.

I am partial to the natural quartz over the engineered so my favorite choice is Cambria kitchen countertops. Their clean and direct marketing as well as their small family owned enterprise make me root for this quartz countertop underdog.

I also am partial to the natural quartz. The engineered and solid colors available from the other quartz manufactureres do nothing for me. The natural stone apperance is the way to go in my opinion.

My vote, for the time being, goes to Cambria.

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