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I'm a fan of Corian countertops, just not a big one. Let's run through a few benefits of Corian and then I'll tell you why a couple other countertops are higher on my list.

corian countertops
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3 Benefits Of Corian

The main reason that Corian is such a popular countertop is that it's a cheaper alternative to granite.

In fact many Corian patterns and colors mimic granite closely enough that you'll have to take a pretty close look to notice the difference.

You'll also be pleased to learn that Corian is nearly impossible to chip or crack. It's a very durable material that will serve you well.

If you do happen to scratch a Corian countertop you can often have the scratch buffed out making the countertop look as good as new. Sometime even better.

Why You May Prefer Stone Over Corian

There are a couple reasons that you might prefer stone countertops over granite.

Stone counters like these ones or wood ones like butcher block countertops will be more useful in busy kitchens. The more cooking and baking that you do the more you'll appreciate them.

You don't have to use trivets or cutting boards with stone. You can cut right on them and place hot dishes right on them too. It's a luxury, that in my opinion is well worth the investment in this kitchen countertop idea.

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