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Corian vs Granite Countertops

Corian vs granite is the second most popular countertop comparison next to quartz vs granite. All are excellent countertop options for your kitchen.

First, understand that Corian is not a type of countertop. It's actually the most wll recognized brand name of solid surface countertops.

Corian does have lot's of competition. You can consider most solid surface countertops comparable, especially other major brands like Avonite and Earthstone.

Corian Versus Granite Comparison
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Cost Comparison

Most people consider Corian an inexpensive alternative to granite. Yes, Corian is cheaper than granite, but not by as much as you probably think.

It's still an expensive investment for your home. It does however, offer many of the same benefits that granite does.

Corian And Granite Are Highly Durable

The most desirable feature that Corian offers is the durability. Just like granite, Corian holds up very well for many years under heavy use.

Color Choices

Another desirable feature of Corian is all of the color choices that are available. Granite also has many color and patterns to choose from but the colors of granite countertops are limited to what mother nature can produce. Corian countertops can be and are manufactured in nearly every color.

Cleaning Corian And Granite

The cleaning of Corian countertops is similar to granite. Generally, all you need to do is wipe down the countertop with soap and water or a cleaner like windex.

One of the advantages that Corian offers that granite cannot is that it can be cleaned with a mildly abraisive cleaner like SoftScrub. This is one area where corian wins a point in the corian vs granite debate.

Corian Drawbacks

The most serious drawback to Corian countertops is that you cannot place hot pots and pans on them like you can with granite. Corian counterops will melt under high temperatures. Buy a few trivets and use them anytime you are dealing with anything hot on corian countertops.

Corian Scratches Easily Compared To Granite

Corian countertops do scratch easily where granite countertops are nearly impossible to scratch. When comparing corian vs granite countertops the granite wins the suseptibilty to damage card.

The good news is that scratches can be sanded out of corian countertops. Deep scratches may require a professional touch.

Before you decide to buy either corian or granite, check out other countertop option. They combine some of the best feature of corian and granite.

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