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Silestone VS Corian

Both Corian and countertops like Silestone will make a wonderful addition to your home. Pitting them against one another in a versus competition isn't really fair. They are two very different countertop materials.

Let me help you decide if Silestone is worth the extra investment.

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The Countertop Comparison

Let's start with one of my favorite features of Corian and see how Silestone stacks up. When comparing Silestone vs Corian I like to consider durability high up on the list of importance.


Corian is a highly durable countertop material. Corian will last a lifetime. With proper care you'll probably grow tired of the look of the countertop before it actually wears out.

Silestone is very much the same as Corian in the durability department. However, there are two very important things that you can do with Silestone that will damage Corian.

Scratch Resistance

First, you can't cut anything on a Corian countertop without a cutting board. With a good sharp knife you'll scratch the surface fairly easily. The good news is that minor scratches on a Corian countertop are easily repairable.

Want to hear even better news? With Silestone countertops you can cut beef, chicken, seafood, or do any other food preparation directly on the surface without a cutting board. Score one for Silestone in the Corian vs Silestone debate.

Heat Resistance

The second thing that you can do with a Silestone countertop that you can't do with a Corian countertop is place hot pots and pans on the counters surface without a trivet. You'll pretty much melt a Corian countertop if you do that. A Silestone countertop can take heat just a well as granite.

Silestone Is More Expensive Than Corian

Here's the biggest difference though that is usually the biggest deciding factor between Corian and Silestone. Budget! Corian is much more inexpensive than Silestone but Corian is still a beautiful countertop material to have installed in your kitchen.

If budget is an issue than I would absolutely choose Corian over Silestone. The price of Silestone countertops may be higher than Corian but if you can spare the extra expense than you won't ever regret choosing Silestone.

No matter which countertop you settle on when compressing Corian vs Silestone you can't lose. Don't forget to compare Silestone vs granite as well. You get all of the benefits of Silestone with granite as well.

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