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Create A Decadent Shower To Really Pamper Yourself

Although baths, basins and even toilets come in an array of styles and designs, to evoke different periods and establish different looks, the common misconception is that the shower cubicle or area is always fairly functional and non-descript.

Bathroom Shower Eclosures
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7 Fresh Shower Cubicle Ideas

This doesn't have to be the case and many shower cubicles are stunning. With a little searching and a modest outlay you can find a cubicle that is striking and desirable and perfectly fits your taste.

Make sure that you bear in mind what the overall look of your bathroom is and carefully note the space available to you and what dimensions you can fit the bathroom shower enclosure in.

Steam Shower Enclosures

There are numerous types of steam showers and one segment that is presently in high demand is the steam shower cubicle. This innovative unit has been strategically constructed to help trap the steam inside of the shower whilst providing an area for bathing that is both therapeutic and relaxing.

You can either hire a professional to select the best shower enclosure for your tastes and needs or do a bit of research and select your own shower cubicle by using the forthcoming tips.

Accurate Measurements:

Just like with our counters, bamboo flooring, ceramic shower tile, or any other home improvement job, the most important thing is to pre-measure your bathroom before beginning your search for the proper shower cubicle.

Digital Control Panel:

This may be the most vital part of any modern bathroom design. It is a control panel that is easy to use and which provides fast access to all of the features including in the typical steam shower. Some models even include remote control options. The remote is perfect for filling the shower with sufficient steam before getting in.

Hand-held Shower:

This is a bonus feature that some shower enclosures have in addition to their standard overhead water dispensers.


Possibly the most exclusive attribute in a bathroom shower cubicle for self-pampering, the body jets can be installed inside of the cubicle as per the amount of jets that the specific model has.  These are typical hydro-massage jets which spray either in unison or sequentially.

Foot massage:

A shower cubicle luxury, this will typically include a hydro-massager and foot roller that will comfort and pamper your feet while you relax in the cubicle.

Overhead/Rain forest shower:

These are shower heads that average about six inches in their diameter and can be included in your shower enclosure to provide the sensation of standing in warm rain.


Of all the features that you can include in your modern bathroom shower cubicle, this is by far the most extravagant.  There is usually an included audio input that connects to the MP3 player, iPod or other external audio device of the shower user.

Emma Cub is a talented interior designer who writes for Liberty Bathrooms who have a range of cheap shower enclosures and showers.

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