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Galley Kitchen Design Ideas

You can design a kitchen that satisfies your needs perfectly, even though it's no bigger than a ships galley.

I've been there. I have designed and drawn up many galley style kitchens during my architectural career. It's not easy to get the most out of such a small space during a galley kitchen remodel.

Galley Kitchen Remodel Img1
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The Galley Layout

First things first. Put your refrigerator directly across from you sink. This is a must in a galley kitchen. Putting the regrigerator directly across from the sink in your remodel will allow you to move food easily from the refrigerator to the sink for preparation just by turning around like your standing on a lazy susan.

Where To Put The Dishwasher

Next get a dishwasher next to your sink. Space is at a premium in galley kitchen design. You don't want the little countertop space that you have cluttered with dirty pots, pans and dishes. Put them right into the dishwasher to keep your countertop space free and clear of clutter.

The Cabinets

Money Saving Tip: You don't need special cabinets for a galley kitchen. Just remember to layout your kitchen using cabinets that are 18", 24", 30", and 36" wide. Those are the standard sizes. Any widths other than those and you will be paying a premium for custom cabinets.

Countertop Options

Get a countertop that functions as a cutting board and as a hot plate like these countertops. That way you won't have to store trivets and cutting boards or have them take up counter space as you cook.

Where Not To Put Your Stove

Don't put your stove in the corner. At the very least get an eighteen inch wide cabinet between the wall and the oven. This will give you the extra counterspace that you need to prepare food right next to the stove without being in the way of all of the other food preparation that goes on in a small galley kitchen.

Cabinet Height & Drawer Depth

Get tall cabinets that reach as close to the ceiling as possible to maximize storage space.

In the drawers next to the stove get deep drawers. You'll find them handy to stack pans and to put tall pots in. Keeping them next to the stove will keep you from having to walk across the kitchen.

Consider An Open Floor Plan

Consider having an opening of some sort between the galley kitchen and other living areas as part of your remodel. It does not matter if it's just a framed opening between the two rooms or a completely open floor plan.

You won't have anywhere to sit in the kitchen to keep an eye on things. If you place the cooktop so that it is visible from your living room you'll be able to keep an eye on things without having to hover over the stove.

This can be incorporated into a galley kitchen tastefully so that you are not staring at an oven from your living or dining room.

Here are some more kitchen remodeling ideas that you will find useful.

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