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There's no question that granite countertops are beautiful and will look fantastic perched on top of your countertops. There are so many colors and patterns to choose from that you're guaranteed to find one that you'll love.

granite countertops
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Benefits Of Granite

One of the features that you enjoy the most about granite is just how well they lend themselves to a functional kitchen. You'll like that you can use them as a cutting board. As a matter of fact you can give your cutting boards to your neighbor with the Corian counters. You don't need them anymore.

How about trivets? Do you have any of those?

Maybe some extra pot holders that you use to place hot dishes or pots on? Give those to your neighbor too! Unlike with Corian, you can put all of those hot dishes right on the countertop.

Disadvantages Of Granite Counters

The biggest problem with granite countertops is the maintenance that is involved. The maintenance isn't hard but it is an important yearly chore that is often forgotten.

About once a year you have to seal granite. The sealer protects the countertop from stains and bacteria. Forget to do it and you can end up ruining your very expensive countertop. There's nothing more unsightly that a big stain right in the middle of the counter.

Are you open to other kitchen countertop ideas?

Would You Like To Never Maintain Your Countertop Again?

If you love the look and the durability of granite countertops, but you don't want to deal with the maintenance, than consider quartz countertops. When you compare silestone vs granite you'll see that quartz offers you all of the benefits of granite without having to seal it.

I have quartz in my own home and it's probably one of the best decisions that I ever made for my home. We agonized over the decision for weeks before we finally decided to buy the last countertops we will ever buy and we couldn't be more pleased with the decision.

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