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Considering Quartz Countertops?

There's a new player in the countertop market!

When an outstanding option like quartz countertops comes along it's hard not to stand up and pay close attention.

quartz countertops
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Granite was great but it has it's flaws. Corian counters were terrible when it came to performance. Laminates countertops actualy perform better for less money.

Personally, I think concrete will never take off as a viable alternative. But quartz counters are here to stay.

Why Quartz Is The New Granite

Quartz will eventually replace granite as the homeowners choice for kitchen remodeling.

Quartz Is Gaining Popularity

Quartz wont overtake granite overnight but it will happen. The "buzz" is beginning to grow and it's becoming a household name.

They are showing up more often on remodeling shows like "Get It Sold" and "Flip This House", but not nearly as much as granite. Yet!

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As more homeowners like yourself are exposed to the benefits of quartz countertops, it's popularity will grow even more.

What Does Consumer Reports Have To Say?

Granite did just barely eake out quartz in a side by side comparison. It was a very close race for the number one ranking.

Being number two in the granite vs quartz debate isn't so bad either. You can't go wrong with any of these countertop options. Check out the silestone vs granite comparison too.

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