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Kitchen Remodel Ideas

All of your kitchen remodeling ideas don't have to be big budget. As a matter of fact your budget is probably smaller than you would already like. You can save lots of money using the right kitchen remodel ideas.

Check out these kitchen remodel ideas and you can save thousands! Literally!

Kitchen Remodel Ideas

These kitchen remodel ideas come direct from the architects office.

Try Angie's List!

Budget Shrinking Ideas

Lighting upgrades done correctly are the number one overlooked and undervalued of all the kitchen remodel ideas. Don't overlook lighting!

Throw in some under cabinet lighting or some lighting inside of the cabinets. Have a center island? Hang a pendant light or two over the island for a beautiful lighting effect.

If you have room in your budget for just one of all the high end kitchen remodel ideas spend the money on recessed lights. Get recessed lights with bulbs that are adjustable so that you can shine the light where it's needed. Usually on the countertops or on the face on the cabinets. The effect of this kitchen remodel idea is subtle but brilliant.

If your kitchen cabinet doors are in bad shape your going to really save a lot of money with this kitchen remodel idea. Instead of tearing out the entire set of kitchen cabinets you should consider refacing them.

Refacing kitchen cabinets with new doors will pocket you lots of cash. Your kitchen will look like a brand new kitchen without a major overhaul.

Don't have enough money for resurfacing your kitchen cabinets? Paint them! Easy, economical, and highly effective. Paint the cabinets and replace the hardware with a finish that matches the faucet. Chrome, either polished or brushed are the two most popular finshes.

When you have sorted through all the kitchen remodel ideas for your cabinets move onto the countertops. Replacing kitchen countertops can be expensive. You should consider all of the solid surface countertop options that you can buy like Corian. You can save a lot of money over granite countertops and still have a new beautiful countertop.

Need countertop ideas? Check out natural stone countertop ideas with a matching quartz backsplash.

Do you have a small kitchen? Use these galley kitchen remodel ideas. These rules apply to all kitchens that are short on space.

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