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Quartz vs Corian Countertops

Quartz and Corian countertops are two very different surfaces for your kitchen.

Let's compare the major points so that you can decide which countertop is going to be the best for your kitchen.

quartz vs corian countertops
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Countertop Comparison

Scratch Resistance

One of the most impressive features of features of these counters is how it will make you a much more efficient cooker and baker.

You'll be able to retire those old cutting boards because you can cut and prepare foods right on the countertop. Don't try that with Corian countertops. You'll quickly scratch them with even a dull knife.

Heat Resistance

Another way that quartz countertops will make you more efficient in the kitchen is by allowing you to place hot pots and pans on it. No more making space on the already crowded stove or fumbling for another pot holder to put between your countertop and hot foods.

Corian countertops will melt pretty quickly even with just warm pots and pans. Always use a trivet or something else to protect Corian from warm kitchen equipment.

Stain Resistance

When you compare quartz vs Corian countertops you'll find that both counters are rather stain resistant, with a slight edge going to quartz.

As long as you quickly clean up spills, you shouldn't have any trouble keeping stains from setting in.


Corian and quartz are surprisingly similarly priced. Corian is cheaper but you won't find the difference to be budget busting.

As a matter of fact I believe that for the extra investment, quartz is well worth the price.

If you're looking for more countertop options than check out quartz vs granite. There might be a few other countertop options that might work for you that you haven't considered yet.

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