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Are Quartz Counters For You?

It doesn't matter if you are installing a new kitchen or just upgrading counters. You have to consider quartz. Quartz counters have been on the market for at least twenty years and are very popular in Scandanavian countries.

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Quartz counters offer you many things the competition can't.

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Quartz Counters Have Their Benefits

It seems all the good products get started across the pond. Why is that? Having a fresh alternative for you kitchen definitely can't hurt. If you are looking for granite enhanced you have found what you are looking for.

Quartz is a natural metamorhic rock. I wont bore you with a geology lesson but it is the strongest stone you can buy outside of precious stones. With engineered quartz the quartz is ground up and mixed with resins and formed back into a slab.

Color choices with engineered quartz surfaces are endless. The most unatural colors can be found with engineered quartz counters. You can get uniform colors with engineered quartz counters.

Low to no maintenance is probably quartz counters most attractive feature. Unlike granite you don't have to seal it. Sealing granite is not a problem but most people including myself never remember to do such a mundane task every twelve months or so.

Even the strongest countertops are not 100% scratch proof. You would probably need a pretty heavy knife and a really strong wrist to scratch it. You would do more damage to your knife. Day to day kitchen tasks on your quartz counter should never damage the surface.

Quartz counter are referred to as almost scorch resistant. Your pot and pans would have to be almost melting to do any damage to the countertop. Put you hot pot and pans right on the surface and relax. No more pot holders or trivets.

If you like being the first to have the latest and greatest products than quartz counters are for you. Your counter will be a conversation piece for sure and a wise and well planned investment.

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