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Quartz vs Granite - Side By Side Comparison

Are quartz countertops like Silestone really a better countertop material than granite or is granite still the reigning king of the countertops? I have collected a few unbiased studies that get to the heart of the quartz vs granite countertops debate and one countertop came out on top.

Quartz vs Granite Countertops
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The Comparison Results

You can get beautiful, natural looking stone with quartzite countertops, just like you can with granite. Quartz and granite are both naturally ocurring in nature but that is almost where the similarities end.

Quartz Is Lower Maintenance

No more more sealing your countertop if your choose quartz vs granite countertops. Now sealing granite is not that tough of a job but you have to do it religiously about every twelve months. Who can remember to do something like that. I can't even drag my butt outside once a week to mow my lawn. No sealing required with quartz.

Quartz is less porous than granite so food particles and fluids have a harder time getting trapped in quartz that granite countertops. Trapped food harbors bacteria and I know that neither you or I want bacteria or viruses growing in between the invisible cracks in our countertops.

Colors And Patterns Are Extrememly Different

Quartz color choices are very different from granite. With engineered quartz you can get solid colors. Very unrealistic and in my opinion ugly colors.

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It's nice to have options I guess but I think that granite scores points here in the quartz vs granite countertops comparison. Quartz just can't hold a candle to the look of natural granite patterns.

Summary Of Benefits

Results From Consumer Reports

Granite did just barely eake out quartz in a side by side comparison. It was a very close race for the number one ranking.

Check out these articles to learn more about countertop options and this comparison on Silestone vs granite to discover the most popular brand of natural quart counters.

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