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You have already seen quartz tile used in places that demand low maintenance finishes that are easy to keep clean and sterile. Have a look around in some of the bathrooms in many restaurants, hair dressers, hospitals, and airports. You'll see quartz tiles on the floors and the walls for the same reasons that they make such a wonderful shower tile.

These counters are quickly gaining popularity. It's time has come to start using it as a shower tile as well. The benefits of quartz shower tile are just about endless.

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Quartz Tile Benefits

My favorite part about having quartz shower tile in the bahroom is that the tiles resist bacteria and other household germs. Bacteria loves to take hold and thrive in the pores of natural stone. Especially in a damp environment like a bathroom. You'll be pleased to know that just like with quartz counters, there are very few places for bacteria and viruses to get into and thrive on the surface of a quartz shower tile.

White shower tiles are the most popular color to cover the walls with. What's nice about a white quartz tile is that you can buy them as pure quartz. A perfectly green building material. Showers tiled in quartz give off a nearly astral glow. The way that white quartz tile reflects and refracts the light will give your shower a beautiful glow that will make people say, "I love your shower. What did you tile the walls with?" You wont have to tell them just how easy it is to keep your shower tile clean. It can be your secret.

Of course you can also buy shower tile made from quartz in just about any color that is in or even not in the rainbow. Your shower will be as close to maintenance free as you can get in a natural material. Quartz resists staining better than any other stone on the market that you can buy. Of course soap scum can build up on any shower tile but you won't find another tile that will allow the scum to wipe off as easily as quartz.

Don't forget that you can match your shower tile to the other quartz surfaces in your bathroom as well.

If you want a natural stone tile that is maintenance free you wont get that from granite or marble. Both granite and marble need regular maintenance to help them look their best. You'll have to apply a sealer to granite and marble shower tile regualarly to help them resist staining. Quartz shower tiles wont need this regular treatment.

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