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Quartz Shower Walls

Having quartz shower walls in your bathroom is a fantastic use of quartz tile. You might not realize it, but many restaurants and commercial buildings are already using quartz on the walls and in their bathrooms.

quartz shower walls
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Quartz Makes Dramatic Shower Walls

You can buy quartz in just about any color. Your choices are nearly limitless when you consider all of the different brands like Silestone, Cambria, and Caesarstone.

One of the most popular options are white quartz tiles. White quartz are very appealing to people that like completely natural and organic products. You can buy white quartz in its completely unprocessed form.

Unlike most other quartz tiles it's not ground up and mixed with a resin. It's natural stone taken right from the earth and cut into large blocks which are then cut into slabs to be made into tiles and all natural kitchen work surfaces.

Tile Patterns Are Limitless

Your choices are limitless when it comes to the size of the tiles for your quartz shower walls.

Since quartz can be cut to order you can buy any size tile in any color that you want. You can buy rectangle tiles to make a subway patterns, square tiles, wild custom pieces that fit together like a puzzle, or have one big piece of quartz on each wall to eliminate the need for any grout. The only limit is your imagination.

Quartz Shower Walls Resist Bacteria Growth

Most major quartz manufacturers treat their countertops with a product that helps them to resist the growth of bacteria. Perfect for a shower!

Shower Walls That Are Easy To Care For

Quartz surfaces are very easy to keep clean and free of soap scum and stains. Just wash them with regular household cleaners like windex or 409 once a week and you'll be all set.

If you can get the last person that showers every day to wipe the walls down with a squeegee it's likely that you never actually have to clean the walls.

Don't forget that you can buy quartz vanity tops to match your shower walls too.

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