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Caring For & Cleaning Quartz Countertops

Quartz countertops will keep their glossy finish without polishing. Since the surface of the polished quartz is nonporous you dont't have to seal it or apply a wax.

It's easy to care for quartz countertop surfaces. Windex and a paper towel are just fine. Don't use a cleaner with bleach or that is abraisive at all. The abrasions may scratch the surface and bleach is one of the few cleansers that may discolor the quartz.

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In a perfect world we could spill our entire refrigerator on out quartz counters and not break a sweat. Since this isn't a perfect world wipe up spills as quickly as possible. Especially one that are acidic like fruit and vegetable juices.

Cleaning Dried Food Stains

If you have dried stains you can use plastic cleaning pads that are low abrasion like Scotch-Brite. Those combined with windex will rub off dried on spills and stains. The stains should not be able to penetrate the surface and stain your quartz permanently.

When To Use A Trivet To Protect From Heat

You can place your hot pots and pans right on the surface of your new stone surface. Most manufacturers recommend using trivets and pot holders anyway but that really is just an unnecessary safety precaution.

I would use them however with roasting pans and anything that just came out of the broiler. Use discretion and good common sense.

Other accidents can occur. Kids get the craziest things everywhere. If you get caked on layers of who knows what use a plastic putty knife to scrape away what you can. Then use your windex and plastic scouring pad.

What Cleaning Agents Not To Use

If the stain is especially tough try other cleaners. Just stay away from anything containing bleach or with any abrasive qualities. Don't treat the counter like a workbench either. Don't stain furniture on it or polish your nails. Don't laugh. I have seen people do worse to granite because it was stain "proof".

Good common sense is all you need to keep your quartz looking beautiful. By following a few precautions and using your head you'll have a countertop that will outlast your home.

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