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Fancy and new quartz surfaces are the most common place to see quartz in the home, but quartz vanity tops are starting to show up in lots of places for the same reasons. I have seen quartz installed in hospitals, commercial buildings, doctors offices, and factory bathrooms.

All places that need a vanity top that is extremely durable, easy to clean and maintain, as well as a surface that is also a cinch to keep sanitary sanitary.

Quartz Vanity Top

High end hotels are using quartz vanity tops because they are so durable and easy to maintain.

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Benefits Of Quartz In The Bathroom

One of my favorite reasons to install quartz vanity tops is how impervious the quartz is to staining. I know that if I look in my bathroom right now there's a good chance that my kids have left a gob of two of toothpaste on the countertop or that maybe a bar of soap is not sitting in the soap dish. Stains like these wont penetrate the surface of a quartz vanity top. They'll wipe right up with a little windex and some paper towels.

Editors Tip #1: Make sure to get a matching quartz backsplash installed as well. You'll need it to protect the sheet rock directly behind your vanity. Make sure that your quartz counters price quote includes a backsplash.

Editors Tip #2: Compare prices quotes from at least three different contractors to get the lowest possible prices.

I favorite reason to install quartz vanity tops is how easy they are to keep sanitary. The bathroom is the dirtiest room on the house. Even a spotless bathroom has bacteria and viruses hiding in little nooks and crannies around the bathroom. Quartz surface minimize the nooks and crannies that bacteria and viruses can hide in thanks to the small pores and relatively low number of those pores. Bacteria and viruses has few places to take hold and flourish on a quartz vanity top.

Quartz surfaces make for an extremely durable and long lasting vanity top. Quartz is a very hard stone that will stand up to many years of heavy use and constant abuse. They are very tough to scratch and damage. Most scratches can be easily sanded out by a professional leaving your quartz vanity top looking brand new again. Quartz surfaces will look new for the lifetime of their installation. They will be one of the last things to wear out in your entire house.

Another often overlooked benefit of quartz vanity tops is that you can get custom edge profiles like an ogee or bullnose. You're not stuck with square corners. Getting an edge detail like an ogee is a subtle detail that will make your quartz vanity top pop with a little bit of style.

Price Of Quartz Vanity Tops

Quartz vanity tops are not that expensive. Since most vanity tops are smaller than three feet wide and just two feet deep you won't have to pay an arm and a leg to install quartz in the bathroom. Expect to pay about about $60 per square foot. You'll likely need less than six square feet so the entire quartz vanity top should cost in the neighborhood of $400 dollars.

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