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Silestone vs Granite Countertops

Did you know that if you don't properly maintain a granite countertop it becomes a magnet for bacteria growth? You're not going to have the same problem with high quality countertop options like Silestone. Let's dig deeper!

Silestone vs Granite
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Granite Needs Regular Maintanence

First, as you probably already know, you have to seal granite countertops and reseal them every twelve to eighteen months. No need to do that will Silestone countertops. Here's why.

Granite has to be sealed in order to fill the pores in the natural stone. If you don't seal your granite your countertop will be much more suseptible to stains and bacteria. Silestone is a much less porous product so sealing is not required.

Quartz Is Zero Maintanence

Because of the less porous surface of Silestone there is just not enough room for bacteria and food particles to get trapped. Anytime you can upgrade from granite and get a cleaner and safer food preparation surface I say go for it.

Silestone Comes In Beautiful Solid Colors

Silestone countertops are available in some amazing solid colors. You can get the most amazing blue, reds, and browns. I bet that in time you will even be able to get custom colors.

Granite Has Beautiful And Natural Color Patterns

Finally a granite benefit in the Silestone vs granite debate. The beautiful natural stone patterns that granite has available is not possible to get with Silestone.

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Silestone does not make a natural stone. Silestone is a combination of resins and crushed stone. If you desire the look of natural stone than Silestone won't do the job for you.

The Bottom Line

Overall, using my favorite features of both silestone and granite we have Silestone edging out granite by 1 point in the Silestone vs granite challenge. You can't go wrong either way. Silestone and granite are both beautiful and functional countertop options.

Be sure to check out other brands of quartz as well. Compare Silestone vs Caesarstone to see if the benefits of another quartz counter fit your lifestyle better.

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