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Why I Don't Like Soapstone Countertops

Before I tell you the reasons that I don't like soapstone countertops, I want to reinforce that this is just my opinion.

What turns most people onto soapstone is its patina and weathered look. It's just not a look that I enjoy. I'm sure that you're after that look, but I think there are a few other considerations to make before you make a commitment.

soapstone countertops
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They Are High Maintenance

The #1 reason that I don't like soapstone countertops for kitchens is that in order for them to look good you have to oil them regularly.

I don't want to have to oil up my countertop every couple of months to make it look good. Especially if you can have a low maintance counter like granite or a zero maintenance surface like an option made with pore closing resins.

Soapstone Is Soft

There are different grades of soapstone countertops, and the different grades are directly related to how hard they are. The softer grades have more talc and less quartz. The harder grades have more quartz and less talc.

Even the hardest grades of soapstone will dent and scratch, especially of you decide to get a sink made of soapstone as well.

If you want a natural stone countertop that is nearly indestructible than opt for quartz or granite.

Soapstone Changes Color

As a soapstone countertop ages it gets darker. It develops a patina that you may or not grow to appreciate.

I like to know what I am getting when I purchase a countertop. I don't want to buy a countertop that will change color on me over a period of years.

My countertop has to coordinate with my kitchen and with soapstone I don't know if that will happen over the next twenty years.

There are lot's of other kitchen countertop ideas that are much better options for your home.

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