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The choice between solid surface countertops and granite can be a tough one. Let me help you decide between the two. Both solid surface counters and granite have their distinct advantages. Here's the breakdown.

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Get the facts in the solid surface countertop versus granite debate.

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The Facts

As you probably have already realized the biggest difference in the solid surface vs granite counterops debate is price. There is a huge difference in price between the two countertops.

Solid surface countertops are much cheaper in price. Now the price of granite or solid surface counters will vary widely between manufacurers. You can however expect to pay anywhere from double to fifty times the price if you choose granite over solid surface.

Is the premium price of granite worth the investment?

It may be. Here are the key differences.

My favorite benefit that granite offers that solid surface countertops do not is the ablity to put hot pots and pans right on the surface of the counter. If you want to put scalding hot pots and pans on a solid surface countertop you will need to use a trivet.

My favorite benefit that solid surface counterops offer is their durability. When comparing Solid surfaces vs granite durablity is about the same. However, high durability when compared to the difference in price is a solid surface countertops best selling point.

Granite is available in just about every color that mother nature can produce for us. The natural colors of granite comes with a high luster finish. Now solid surface countertops come in lots of beautiful colors as well but you wont be able to get that beautiful glossy finish that you get with a polished slab of granite.

Cleaning both corian countertops and granite countertops is a snap. Just wipe them down with an ammonia free cleanser and your done. One cleaning advantage that solid surface has it the ability to use a mildly abraisive solid surface cleaner on it. Solid surface cleaners are mildly abraisive to help you get out tougher stains. Abraisive cleansers are a big no-no on granite. You'll ruin that beautiful luster.

One final word of warning however. Solid sirface countertops can be much more easily scratched than granite. The good news is that kits are available to remove these scratches from solid surface counter tops.

You have a lot of other countertop options besides solid surface and granite. How you considered natural stone or maybe soapstone?

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