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Which Kitchen Countertops Are Best?

You have a lot of choices to consider when it comes to picking out kitchen countertops. The good news is that unless you are looking to get super fancy and spend a ton of money you don't need to consider any more than three or four different types.

Let's have a look at those so you can figure out which kitchen countertops are best for you. Here's the top four from least expensive to most expensive.

Which kitchen countertops are best?
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Plastic Laminate

If you're looking for a relatively cheap countertop that is also going to be able to stand up to the every day abuse from a working kitchen than you have found it in plastic laminate.

These kitchen countertops can really take a beating. They have decent heat resistance as well as scratch resistance. On older laminated counters the top layers of laminate have a habit of lifting off and need to be reglued.

Solid Surface Countertops

You may not be familiar with the term solid surface. It's more likely that you know them by their brand names. Solid surfaces are countertops like Corian and Formica.

They are a good countertop and many people look to them for a cheaper alternative to granite. They are a less expensive solution but in my opinion you have to give up too much compared to the small amount you'll save over granite.

If you choose plastic laminate as a granite alternative you give up scratch resistance, even more heat resistance, and you lose the luster that can only be achieved with a natural stone like granite.

Granite Countertops

Granite countertops are the reigning king of countertops. Most people want them for their kitchen and more and more people are opting for them even though they are one of the more pricey alternatives.

They might cost more but they are virtually scratch proof as well as heat proof. You can throw away your cutting boards and your trivets. Go ahead and chop vegetable right on the counter and put your hot pots right on top of them.

Quartz Countertops

Quartz offers you all of the same benefits of granite. Quartz countertops however have a leg up on granite. Granite countertops require a sealing every 6-18 months depending on the stone. This maintenance is often overlooked and will allow stains to set in and bacteria to flourish in the small pores and invisible cracks in the stone.

With a well engineered stone you'll never have to do this chore. You'll never have to worry about invisible areas for stains to settle in or cracks for bacteria to grow in.

Hopefully now you have a better idea of which countertop options are best. Of course your budget is going to play a large role in which you choose. Fortunately, even the cheapest choice is a good solution.

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