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Zodiac countertops are made by Du Pont. Du Pont is probably the most recongnizable brand in the United States for quartz countertops.

Zodiac engineered counters are actually made from an engineered stone. The words engineered stone might make you think fake but that is far from the truth. Zodiac is actually 93% quartz crystals. By combining polymers with quartz the stone is actually improved.

quartz countertops
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Zodiac countertops claim to have more depth and radiance naturally, without the imperfections of completely natural quartz slabs directly from the quarry. How much better? I can't say, but it sounds good. Slick marketing? Maybe.

Zodiac Countertops Claims

These are the qualities of all engineered quartz countertops. This is a great product from Du Pont but I am not convinced that theirs is any better than Cambria or Avanza countertops.

I count 44 colors and two lines currently for from Zodiac. Their warranty is for ten years. However it is a limited warranty on imperfect quartz; chips, scratches and stains are not covered so I am not sure exactly what else you may concerned about. You are considering a quartz countertop by Zodiac to avoid exactly those three things. I have to reasearch other warranties more closely to see if they are any better.

As with other quartz countertop manufacturers you should have no trouble finding a representative to sell you a countertop in your area.

Looking for more options? Learn who makes quartz countertops.

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