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The debate, "Zodiaq vs Granite" is a lively one. Supporters of Zodiaq and granite debate passionately about which countertop is the best. You'll find that both countertops have their positive and negatives. I'll walk you through the benefits and drawbacks of both granite and Zodiaq counters.

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Which is best for you? Zodiaq or Granite.

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Granite vs Zodiaq

The most popular reason that people like yourself consider installing Zodiaq instead of granite countertops is that Zodiaq is considered to be cleaner than granite. Now that's a half truth. Zodiaq countertops are not cleaner than granite countertops.

The truth is that resin treated countertops, such as Zodiaq, are less porous than granite counters. What that means for you is that it's less likely that food particles, stains, and bacteria will become trapped in the pores of your Zodiaq countertops.

Maintenance Of The Countertops

You can easily make granite less porous by sealing the counter. Every twelve to eighteen months you'll have to apply a granite countertop sealer. That sealer will fill up those pores and protect you from bacteria and stains on your beautiful slab of granite.

Colors And Patterns

Before we get into the next difference in the granite vs Zodiaq debate, let me ask you this question. Do you desire the look of natural stone with veigns and a natural color contrast? If you do than you should know that Zodiaq has no such product.

Zodiaq is made up of crushed quartz stone and resin than is combined to create a super hard countertop material. The colors that you can get however are not available in granite. With Zodiaq countertops you can get amazing hues of blue, red, brown, and just about any other monolithic color that you desire. I bet that in time you're gonna be able to get custom colors. You'll be able to match your countertops to the floor or drapes perfectly.

Is Zodiaq Or Granite More Eco Friendly?

Both materials have ecological implications as well. Both Zodiac and granite are non-sustainable and non-toxic. Zodiaq countertops can be recycled however. Creating granite countertops uses less energy than making Zodiaq counters and the manufacturing of granite countertops also releases less emissions into the environment.

Are you comparing other countertop options besides Zodiaq vs granite? Give solid surface vs granite a spin. I think you'll find the differnces to be surprising.

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